The Littlest M&M


“Save me the blue ones.”

I smiled as I looked up from the small bag of candy. “Just the blue ones?”

He nodded, with a wide grin. “Just the blue ones. ‘Cause they’re, like, so seriously sexy.”

“Blue M&Ms are sexy…” I said doubtfully.

“Sure. Watch.” He reached over and took one from the bag, then gently placed it between my teeth, with a softly warning finger. “Dont bite. Not yet.” Then he kissed me, his tongue meeting mine as they danced and chased each other around the sweet little piece of chocolate. Then, suddenly he inhaled, plucking it from my grasp. He sat back, grinning, the blue candy now trapped between his beautifully white teeth, his equally blue eyes daring me to take it back.


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